We deliver customized workshops that combine the knowledge owned by the client organization's experts with our design skills and experience. Our courses are not "canned" courses but are designed to meet a client organization's needs. We will be the first to suggest not conducting a workshop if it doesn't at least partially solve a problem. (Training is usually only one part of the solution.)

RRG offers a wide range of instructor-led workshops, on-site or across the web, in topics such as:

Administrator & User Training

Client-Specific Software & Processes
...your end-user applications, your processes...

Training & Presentation Skills
Delivering Excellent Customer Service
Designing & Developing Instructor & Presentation Skills
Managing Teleworkers
Managing Effective Teams

Contact us when your project requires experienced professionals to deliver instructional design, training, and documentation services. We'll help your or your client's employees improve their performance with practical solutions.

For more information, please call or email.

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