GRIN-Global Administrator Webinar Series

This page contains the links and documents related to the six GG Admin Training webinars given in November & December, 2020. Each session's links are listed below. The training objectives are to understand and master the Admin Tool as well as perform ordinary tasks that administrators should be able to handle when managing their organization's GRIN-Global database.

Session 1: GRIN-Global & Administrator Overview

Overview, Adding Users, Updater Overview

Video Link - Webinar 1
Presentation 1 (PDF)
Homework After Session 1 (PDF)

Session 2: Dataview Editing Basics

An overview of the AT's Dataview Editor; understanding the interface. We will see how you can use the editor to manage your organization's dataviews.

Video Link - Webinar 2
Presentation 2 (PDF)
Homework After Session 2 (PDF)

Session 3: More on DV Editing; Table Mapping

This session continues with the discussion of the dataview editor as well as the steps needed to take when new fields or tables are to be included in the GG database.

Video Link (will be added soon)
Presentation 3 (PDF)
Homework After Session 3 (PDF)

Session 4: Import Wizard; GG Data Structures

In this session we cover the AT's Import Wizard - its features and its flaws. We review Codes & Code Groups and use them to tie together the relationships between the Curator Tool, the Admin Tool Dataview Editor, friendly column headings, and the AT's Import Wizard. We also briefly review how Searches work in GG.

Video Link - - Webinar 4
Presentation 4 (PDF)
Homework After Session 4 (PDF)
Zip file of Marty's Favorites - CVS worksheets for use with the Import Wizard(.zip)

Session 5: Security Model; Data Triggers

We will cover the GG security model, discussing permissions and ownership and how to set up policies. We will also review triggers at a high level, understanding how they are used, how to invoke, and where to go to find out more information on triggers.

Video Link - Webinar 5
Presentation 5 (PDF)
Homework After Session 5 (PDF)

Session 6: User Installation Issues; Miscellaneous Topics

We will discuss various subjects regarding a user's environment and issues that may occur when installing the CT. This session will also be an opportunity for participants to share their experiences and "lessons learned."

Video Link - Webinar 6
Resolving GG Issues: Debugging Guide
Presentation 6 (PDF)
Homework After Session 6 (PDF)